Set Subject - December 2017

This year's Set Subject subjects were Movement, Different Perspectives, Country Life, Textures and In the Dark. The judge was Kay Wilson who did a great job in choosing the winners from each section. The Overall Winner was Peter Hyettwith his image called White Under Pressure which was in the Different Perspectives section.

Different Perspectives

1st and Overall Winner - White Under Pressure by Peter Hyett

2nd - Flower Pots by Christine Chittock

3rd - Old Town Square Prague by Kristina Adamson


Highly Commended - Tommy 2 by Derrick Holliday


Highly Commended - Spiraling Down by Ian Bateman

Highly Commended - Distorted Walkway by Carol Hyett


		    	Country Life

1st Shoeing a Horse by Mike Gillan


2nd - Sunset in the Field by Derrick Holliday


3rd - Taking in thge View by Dave Evans

Highly Commended - In Search of Fresh Pastures by Gill Stocker

Highly Commended - Gathering in the Sheep by Christine Chittock


In the Dark

1st - Three Engines by Christine Chittock

2nd - In the Shadows by Mo Martin

3rd - Milky Way by Sheila Haycox

Highly Commended - Via del Corso by Kristina Adamson

Highly Commended - A Quiet Night by Andy Lock


1st - Funny Face by Ian Ansell

2nd - Spinning by Carol Hyett

3rd - On the Crest of a Wave by John Perriam

Highly Commended - Breaking Out by Jenny Baker

Highly Commended - People in Motion by Ian Bateman

Highly Commended - Village Marathon by Kristina Adamson


1st - Sunflower Detail by Jenny Baker

2nd - Tree Bark by Stella French

3rd - Neist Point by Derrick Holliday


Highly Commended - Red Spikes by Christine Chittock

Highly Commended - Wistman's Wood by Andy Lock

Highly Commended - Sweet Chestnut by Gill Stocker