Panels Competition 11 April 2018

Colour Prints

1st - Dead Flowers by John Wickett

2nd - Hallgrimskirkja by Derrick Holliday

3rd - Out in the Snow by Peter Hyett

H/C - Daisy's Adventures by Sheila Haycox

H/C - Fallen Angels by Ian Bateman

H/C - Tiny Shops by Ian Bateman

Mono Prints

1st - Around the Vastrahorn by Derrick Holliday

2nd - Attitudes by Peter Hyett

3rd - Odd One Out by John Perriam

H/C - In the Mountains by Sheila Haycox

H/C - Winter Trees by Caroline Ovens

H/C - Whitby Characters by Christine Chittock




Digitally Projected Panels

1st - Denim Looks by Carol Hyett

2nd - Night Steps by Sheila Haycox

3rd - Tanfield Railway by Christine Chittock

H/C - The Gin Palace by Ian Bateman

H/C - Pink Floyd Exhibition by Elaine Bateman

H/C - Moscow by John Wickett

H/C - Reds by John Wickett