WCPF Kingswood Salver 2011

My apologies to all the photographers concerned that the following images don't show their photographs at their best. Getting well-lit shots from good angles without people in the way is a bit hard. I hope these are enough to give a flavour of the panels on show but for a good look at them, there's no better way than to go along and see them for yourself. However, I can assure you the quality was very high. As Margaret Salisbury said, there wasn't a single poor image amongst them.

Unlike the Devon Clubs Battle where we display our panel on a 4ft square board, the Kingswood Salver requirement is for one row of 5 prints, mounted in 50cm x 40cm boards, and each photograph must be taken by a different photographer.

These are the remaining panels and I'll give a very short description based on what Margaret had to say about each of them:

Lincombe Barn CC - a pleasant series showing life on the narrow boats.


Lincombe Barn CC panel
Ivybridge CC panel

Ivybridge CC - a brilliant and intriguing set of games related images.


Wincanton CC - some very good reflection images

Wincanton CC panel
Bristol PS panel

Bristol PS - clever, interesting images with one particularly humorous one.


Bleadon PG - highly competent photos on and around a pier.


Bleadon PG panel
Hanham PS panel

Hanham PS - lovely photos but not so "together" as other panels


Barnstaple CC - excellent photos of boats but not convinced by their order


Barnstaple CC panel
Launceton CC panel

Launceston CC - beautiful soft images, hard to pick a favourite



Sodbury & Yate PS - the two end prints are particularly impressive . The mono works well in the centre


Sodbury & Yate PS panel
Wadebridge CC panel

Wadebridge CC - interesting set showing movement. The middle print very nice indeed.


Frome Wessex CC - made Margaret smile and took her back to her youth!

(There was simply no way to shoot this one straight on, sorry!)


Frome Wessex CC panel
Laycock Positive panel

Laycock Positive - an interesting exercise


Warminster CC - well thought out "flight" shots.



Warminster CC panel
Paignton PC panel

Paignton PC - an interesting concept


Newton Abbot PC - competent photos, the 2nd from right is particularly atmospheric.


Newton Abbot PC panel
Kingswood PS panel

Kingswood PS - strong set of images



Reflex CC - clever and different


Reflex CC panel
Dorchester CC panel

Dorchester CC - interesting though let down in this context by the one on the right in which the sky is the dominant feature


Beaminster CC - not so inspired but very competently photographed and presented


Beaminster CC panel
Weymouth PS panel

Weymouth PS - well presented, competent photos


Additionally there were awards for individual prints, as follows, though unfortunately I couldn't catch the names of the winners. I'm sure that information will be on the WCPF website in due course.

1st individual print
2nd individual print
3rd individual print
commended print
commended print
commended print