WCPF DPIC - February 2015
(Digital Projected Image Competition)

Each year the club enters the WCPF Digital Projected Image Competition which is held at the Corn Exchange, Exeter sometime in February. The club is asked to enter 18 images with no more than four images from each photographer and not more than five nature images per club. Below the selection chosen for the club's entry.

This year on the 8th February 47 Clubs from the Western Region Entered the competition and the judges were Leo Rich, ARPS, EFIAP/g, APAGB, DPAGB, BPE3*; David Gibbins, ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP, BPE4*; Jay Charnock, FRPS

The Winning Club was F8 Image Group with 226 points, second Bristol Photographic Society with 218 points and 3rd Dorchester Camera Club with 215 points. Zen came 4th with 208 points and they gained the small club winnedr. We were very pleased wsith our score of 202 points and came 6th a considerable improvement on last year when we were 18th. We were pleased to get two of our members getting awards. The judges deliberated on final places and John Perriam was awarded a Silver Medal for the 2nd place for his image Homeward Bound and Sheila Haycox achieved a Judges Ribbon for her image Snatched.


Homeward Bound - by John Perriam - 14 points
Silver Medal

Spray by Christine Chittock - 12 points

Snatched - by Sheila Haycox - 15 points
Judges Ribbon

White Charger by John Perriam - 12 points


Stairs, Museum of Liverpool by John Wickett - 13 points

The Look by Derrick Holliday - 12 points

Swanage Old Pier by John Wickett - 12 points

Call Box by John Perriam - 10 points

Fingers by Derrick Holliday - 11 points

Horses on the Run by Jenny Baker - 10 points

River Brittle Ledge by Dave McHutchison - 11 points

Brick Lane by John Wickett - 10 points

Hot Rod on Beach by Sheila Haycox - 10 points

Red Rose by Mo Martin - 9 points


Gothic Gent by John Perriam - 11 points

Irsha Street Appledore by John Wickett - 10 points

Cathedral of Trees by Dave McHutchison - 10 points

Tribute by Derrick Holliday - 10 points