Competition No.4 Winners - March 18


1st and Overall Winner- The Station Staff by Andy Lock

2nd - More Dead Flowers by John Wickett

3rd - Roller Derby Chaos by Sheila Haycox


H/C - Rocket by Maurice Chittock

H/C - Corbiere Lighthouse by Jenny Baker

H/C - Bristol Docks by Maurice Chittock

Colour Prints

1st Crackington Haven Sunset by Derrick Holliday

2nd - Poser by Carol Hyett

3rd Objet d'Shed by Sheila Haycox

H/C - Late Afternoon Walkers by Carol Hyett

H/C - Hot Rod Racer by Sheila Haycox

H/C - Blyth Beach Huts by Derrick Holliday

Mono Prints

1st Lloyds Building by Ian Bateman

2nd Lightbulb Splash by Ian Bateman

3rd Solo Cello by Mike Gillan

H/C Early Morning at St Pancras by Mike Gillan

H/C Tommy by Derrick Holliday

H/C Solitude by Carol Hyett