Club Competitions

The Photo Group year includes five regular "monthly" competitions, a panels competition and various other less formal competitions.

Extra Evenings

During the winter season we will be run special evenings, all of which will be in the Winter Programme.

The Rethink Evening for Digital Discussion will be held at the Rethink Centre, Meeting Lane, Exmouth on a Tuesday evening and there will be no extra charge to members. The idea of each evening is to centre on images members have taken and would like advice on processing. It is hoped that these evenings will be able to help and advise members on the images produced regarding exposure, composition and quality. An evening of discussion on the ease or difficulty in producing the "image". It is hoped to have four of these meetings during the season.

A Print Group will also be held at the Rethink Centre for members to bring along their prints for discussion. It is also hoped that groups will get together to produce panels for the Devon Club's Battle and the Kingswood Salver as a club entry. An ideal evening to discuss any problems you may have with a particular print. There will be a small charge of £2 for this meeting to include tea/coffee and a biscuit.

An Audio Visual Group will also be held at the Rethink centre to encourage members to produce AV's. There will be demonstrations on how to make an AV and discussions and advice will be given on producing basic AVs to more advanced productions. It is hoped that some members will be able to produce a Photo Harmony AV for the competition held each March for the Bridgeend 5 to 8 competition. There will be a small charge of £2 for this meeting to include tea/coffee and a biscuit.


Members are encouraged to undertake a project on a subject of interest to them and at the same time broaden their photographic experience. This does not have to be for the whole or half evening, just 15 minutes will suffice, perhaps join up with a more experienced member. Some members do this every other year and derive a great benefit from it, as do the Group members. In fact members' Project Evenings often give some of the most satisfying evenings in the whole programme.


Once a year, the Group tries to stage an exhibition in Exmouth wherein all members are invited to show examples of their work. These exhibitions are arranged primarily to present our work to visitors and residents of Exmouth to give some pleasure and also publicise our Group. Members can also exhibit in the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) Members' Exhibition which is held in May each year. The WCPF is an association of the majority of the clubs in the South West.

South Devon League/Inter Club League

This is a group of photographic clubs which join together in print and digitally projected images battles. The main object of this is to enable members from clubs to see the work of, and meet, photographers from the other clubs. Each year clubs meet at a designated club and an outside judge is selected.


In September 1996 the Photo Group published its first Newsletter. This was published and produced by Tom Gordon, a member of the Group. This has now been dropped as printing the Newsletter became expensive. We now produce a Newsletter which is posted on this web site. There is also an archive on the website of all newsletters from previous years.


The Photo Group owns an extensive library on all aspects of photography. All of these library books are available for loaning to members.


The Photo Group owns a fair amount of equipment to keep the club running efficiently including, digital projector, laptop, print easel with lights and individual print stands, projector stand, Logan matt cutter.