Dave McHutchison

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This is one of the “must see” places on Skye where the shoreline, the Black Cuillin mountains, and the weather combine to give many interesting views. It has ever-changing light so is somewhere I’ll revisit often.


Damp woodland and a sharp eye are all you need to find something like this - in the right season.. I used a long exposure, so had to scramble up a fast flowing stream and plant my tripod in an awkward spot. Having gone to all that trouble to get the image, playing around with it later to combine mono and colour versions didn’t seem so arduous.

Torrin Burn

On the way to Elgol you pass through Torrin and around Loch Slapin, where this burn (or stream) is found. It looks like nothing interesting at the roadside, but on closer inspection the marble bedrock shines through and there are strong colours from the surrounding soil and rock.

Skye Bridge

A photograph taken by the German photographer Nina Papiorek from this location inspired me to have a go at it myself. I’d like to try it again but by moonlight, and see how that works out.

Glasgow Clydeside

Again, I’d seen other photos from here and wanted to try it for myself. It’s an inspiring place for photography and I challenge anyone to go there and not come back with something at least half decent. On the day I visited, the wind was up and so the River Clyde was choppy. I want to go back and do more.

Cill Chriosd churchard

If wandering through old graveyards in the dead of night (pun intended!) is your thing, I know a great one to go to! I tried this shot with star trails but I prefer this shorter exposure which leaves the stars as points of light. Ideally, I’d like a nice aurora to appear there!

Eilean Donan

Probably one of the most photographed castles in Scotland , everyone should have a shot of it lit up at dusk in their portfolio. On this occasion, the clouds behind gave it a fairy-tale feel which caught my attention, and I hope the way I’ve presented it accentuates that.


Gannets Greeting

This is a gannet shot I’ve not put into any competitions. No, really! For all that, it’s one of my favourites because of the way I caught the  behaviour of a pair after one had joined the other on this prominent rock.


This rather large bird was perching on a tree about 100 yards away, by a small lake in Kruger National Park so that should give you an idea of the size. Something about the shape or the colouration of this bird appealed to me, I’m not really sure what.

Barn Owl Taking Off

I’m proud to say that I was asked by a barn owl charity in the USA if they could use this in their literature, and I happily agreed.

Baboon Hand

Again in Kruger, this baboon was holding a railing on a bridge we were crossing, just a few feet away, so I had an opportunity to look more closely at some details. The “hands” fascinated me – so similar to and yet so different from our own.

Vertical Seal

A common, or harbour, seal popped up next to te boat I was on, and stood vertically in the water. What a poser! It was an opportunity I couldn’t miss, though I had to quickly snap the shot with what I had in my hands at the time – a 100-400mm lens, not the ideal lens for something so near!